From: Inari To: Umeå
Driving Distance: 1684,9 kilometres Time: 14 days, 3 hours, 29 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:000,0 1   Depart Inari on 4 [E75] (North-West) for 27,6 km
10:2227,6Rest break (10 mins)
10:3227,6At Kaamanen, stay on 4 [E75] (North) for 5,3 km
10:4832,9Bear LEFT (North) onto E75 for 31,7 km
12:2364,6Rest break (10 mins)
12:3364,6Stay on E75 (North) for 23,0 km
13:4287,5Rest break (10 mins)
13:5287,5At Mieraslompolo, stay on E75 (West) for 32,6 km
15:30120,1Rest break (10 mins)
15:40120,1Stay on E75 (North-East) for 5,4 km
15:55125,1Entering Norway
15:56125,5At Roavvegied'di, turn RIGHT (East) onto E6 [E75] for 1,2 km
16:00126,7End of day
9:00126,7Stay on E6 [E75] for 38,7 km
10:56165,4Rest break (10 mins)
11:06165,4Stay on E6 (East) for 28,2 km
12:30193,6Rest break (10 mins)
12:40193,6At Tanabru, turn LEFT (West) onto 98 for 21,5 km
13:45215,1Rest break (10 mins)
13:55215,1Stay on 98 (North-East) for 26,4 km
15:14241,5Rest break (10 mins)
15:24241,5Stay on 98 (South) for 11,8 km
16:00253,3End of day
9:00253,3Stay on 98 for 23,7 km
10:11277,0Bear RIGHT (West) onto 888 for 9,9 km
10:40287,0Rest break (10 mins)
10:50287,0Stay on 888 (North-West) for 10,5 km
11:22297,5Turn LEFT (North) onto 894 for 0,3 km
11:23297,8*Check timetable* At Kalak, take Kalak-Kjøllefjord (East)
12:20297,8Take 894 (North) for 17,0 km
13:11314,7Bear LEFT (East) onto 888 for 10,5 km
13:42325,2Rest break (10 mins)
13:52325,2Stay on 888 (North) for 0,8 km
13:55326,0Turn LEFT (North) onto 261 for 0,5 km
13:57326,5 2   At Mehamn, return South on 261 for 0,5 km
13:59327,0Turn RIGHT (West) onto 888 for 11,3 km
14:32338,3Bear RIGHT (West) onto 894 for 14,3 km
15:15352,5Rest break (10 mins)
15:25352,5Stay on 894 (South-East) for 2,7 km
15:34355,2*Check timetable* Take Honningsvåg-Kjøllefjord (South)
18:07355,2End of day
9:00355,2Take E69 (East) for 21,5 km
10:06376,7Rest break (10 mins)
10:16376,7Stay on E69 (West) for 10,0 km
10:47386,6*Check timetable* Take Hammerfest-Nordkapp (North)
12:03386,6*Check timetable* Take Hammerfest-Havøysund (South)
15:07386,6Take Local road(s) (East) for 80 m
15:07386,7 3   At Hammerfest, return West on Local road(s) for 80 m
15:08386,8*Check timetable* Take Øksfjord-Hammerfest (West)
18:13386,8*Check timetable* Take Skjervøy-Øksfjord (North)
22:03386,8End of day
9:00386,8Take Local road(s) (West) for 0,3 km
9:00387,1At Skjervøy, bear LEFT (West) onto 866 for 20,1 km
10:01407,2Rest break (10 mins)
10:11407,2Stay on 866 (West) for 14,1 km
10:53421,2Turn RIGHT (West) onto E6 for 9,2 km
11:20430,4Rest break (10 mins)
11:30430,4Stay on E6 (West) for 23,9 km
12:42454,4Rest break (10 mins)
12:52454,4At Olderdalen, stay on E6 (East) for 23,6 km
14:03478,0Rest break (10 mins)
14:13478,0Stay on E6 (West) for 23,1 km
15:22501,0Rest break (10 mins)
15:32501,0Stay on E6 (South-West) for 9,1 km
16:00510,1End of day
9:00510,1Stay on E6 for 8,3 km
9:25518,5 4   At Skibotn, stay on E6 (South) for 0,9 km
9:28519,4Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 2,2 km
9:35521,6Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto E6 for 21,3 km
10:39542,9Rest break (10 mins)
10:49542,9At Storfjord, stay on E6 [E8] (South) for 13,0 km
11:28555,8Turn LEFT (South) onto 87 for 22,7 km
12:36578,5Rest break (10 mins)
12:46578,5Stay on 87 (West) for 20,4 km
13:47598,9Rest break (10 mins)
13:57598,9Stay on 87 (West) for 24,6 km
15:11623,5Rest break (10 mins)
15:21623,5Stay on 87 (West) for 8,4 km
15:46631,9Turn LEFT (South) onto E6 for 4,4 km
16:00636,3End of day
9:00636,3Stay on E6 for 2,5 km
9:07638,8Bear RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) for 1,5 km
9:12640,3Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 2,2 km
9:19642,5Turn RIGHT (West) onto E6 for 16,5 km
10:08659,1Rest break (10 mins)
10:18659,1Stay on E6 (South-West) for 20,4 km
11:19679,4Rest break (10 mins)
11:29679,4Stay on E6 (West) for 22,7 km
12:38702,1Rest break (10 mins)
12:48702,1Stay on E6 (West) for 20,2 km
13:48722,3Rest break (10 mins)
13:58722,3Stay on E6 (South-East) for 18,7 km
14:59741,1Rest break (10 mins)
15:09741,1Stay on E6 (West) for 14,8 km
16:00755,9End of day
9:00755,9Stay on E6 for 20,4 km
10:01776,2Rest break (10 mins)
10:11776,2Stay on E6 (West) for 21,8 km
11:16798,1Rest break (10 mins)
11:26798,1Continue (East) on 827 for 22,4 km
12:33820,5Rest break (10 mins)
12:43820,5Stay on 827 (South) for 9,2 km
13:12829,7Continue (South-West) on 684 for 1,4 km
13:16831,1Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 0,2 km
13:17831,3*Check timetable* Take Drag-Kjøpsvik (South)
13:39831,3Take 827 (South) for 4,3 km
13:52835,6Turn LEFT (East) onto E6 for 17,8 km
14:45853,4Rest break (10 mins)
14:55853,4Stay on E6 (South-West) for 21,5 km
16:00874,9End of day
9:00874,9Stay on E6 for 27,9 km
10:23902,7Rest break (10 mins)
10:33902,7Stay on E6 (South) for 6,7 km
10:53909,5*Toll road* Stay on E6 (West) for 1,9 km
10:59911,4Stay on E6 (West) for 11,5 km
11:33922,8Rest break (10 mins)
11:43922,8Stay on E6 (South) for 20,3 km
12:44943,1Rest break (10 mins)
12:54943,1Stay on E6 (South-West) for 19,7 km
13:57962,8Rest break (10 mins)
14:07962,8Stay on E6 (West) for 20,2 km
15:07982,9Rest break (10 mins)
15:17982,9Stay on E6 (West) for 14,0 km
16:00997,0End of day
DAY 10
9:00997,0Stay on E6 for 25,4 km
10:161022,4Rest break (10 mins)
10:261022,4Stay on E6 (South) for 20,5 km
11:271042,9Rest break (10 mins)
11:371042,9Stay on E6 (West) for 21,0 km
12:401063,9Rest break (10 mins)
12:501063,9At Bolna, stay on E6 (South) for 16,6 km
13:411080,5Bear LEFT (North-West) onto Local road(s) for 0,7 km
13:431081,2Bear LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) for 1,6 km
13:481082,8Bear LEFT (West) onto E6 for 1,6 km
13:531084,5Rest break (10 mins)
14:031084,5Stay on E6 (West) for 22,0 km
15:091106,5Rest break (10 mins)
15:191106,5Stay on E6 (West) for 13,5 km
16:001120,0End of day
DAY 11
9:001120,0Stay on E6 for 14,4 km
9:471134,4 5   At Mo i Rana, stay on E6 (West) for 11,3 km
10:221145,7Rest break (10 mins)
10:321145,7Stay on E6 (South) for 20,7 km
11:341166,4Rest break (10 mins)
11:441166,4Stay on E6 (South) for 6,2 km
12:021172,6At Korgen, turn LEFT (South-East) onto 806 for 19,9 km
13:021192,5Rest break (10 mins)
13:121192,5Stay on 806 (South) for 1,0 km
13:161193,5Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto 331 for 13,8 km
13:581207,3Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Local road(s) for 0,6 km
13:591207,8Turn RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) for 12,8 km
14:381220,6Rest break (10 mins)
14:481220,6Turn RIGHT (West) onto 291 for 23,2 km
15:581243,9End of day
DAY 12
9:001243,9Stay on 291 (South) for 6,2 km
9:191250,1Turn LEFT (East) onto 73 for 2,3 km
9:261252,4Bear RIGHT (East) onto 804 for 0,2 km
9:261252,6 6   At Hattfjelldal, return West on 804 for 0,2 km
9:271252,8Bear RIGHT (North) onto 73 for 14,8 km
10:121267,7Rest break (10 mins)
10:221267,7Stay on 73 (East) for 18,0 km
11:161285,7Bear RIGHT (East) onto Local road(s) for 10,3 km
11:161285,8Entering Sweden
11:471296,0Rest break (10 mins)
11:571296,0Stay on Local road(s) (East) for 19,9 km
12:571315,9Turn RIGHT (South) onto E12 for 1,7 km
13:021317,6Rest break (10 mins)
13:121317,6Stay on E12 (East) for 23,5 km
14:221341,1Rest break (10 mins)
14:321341,1Stay on E12 (East) for 20,2 km
15:331361,3Rest break (10 mins)
15:431361,3Stay on E12 (East) for 5,5 km
16:001366,9End of day
DAY 13
9:001366,9Stay on E12 for 25,7 km
10:171392,6Rest break (10 mins)
10:271392,6At Slussfors, stay on E12 (East) for 47,3 km
12:491439,9Rest break (10 mins)
12:591439,9Stay on E12 (South-East) for 15,0 km
13:441454,9At Storuman, turn RIGHT (West) onto 45 [E12] for 3,9 km
13:551458,8At Stensele, bear LEFT (East) onto E12 for 17,7 km
14:481476,5Rest break (10 mins)
14:581476,5At Barsele, stay on E12 (East) for 20,4 km
16:001496,9End of day
DAY 14
9:001496,9Stay on E12 for 42,9 km
11:081539,8Rest break (10 mins)
11:181539,8Stay on E12 (South-East) for 19,4 km
12:161559,1At Lycksele, turn LEFT (East) onto 365 [E12] for 0,8 km
12:191560,0Rest break (10 mins)
12:291560,0Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto E12 for 25,9 km
13:461585,9Rest break (10 mins)
13:561585,9Stay on E12 (South-East) for 26,2 km
15:151612,1Rest break (10 mins)
15:251612,1At Granön, stay on E12 (East) for 11,5 km
16:001623,5End of day
DAY 15
9:001623,5Stay on E12 for 34,3 km
10:421657,9Rest break (10 mins)
10:521657,9Bear LEFT (East) onto 92 [E12] for 24,3 km
12:061682,2Rest break (10 mins)
12:161682,2Stay on 92 [E12] (East) for 2,7 km
12:291684,9 7   Arrive Umeå