From: Andenes To: Umeå
Driving Distance: 814,7 kilometres Time: 6 days, 2 hours, 51 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:000,0 1   Depart Andenes on 82 (West) for 1,2 km
9:051,2Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 0,5 km
9:071,7Bear RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) for 3,2 km
9:174,9Continue (South) on 982 for 4,6 km
9:319,5Turn LEFT (South) onto 82 for 11,1 km
10:0420,6Rest break (10 mins)
10:1420,6Stay on 82 (South-West) for 20,3 km
11:1540,9Rest break (10 mins)
11:2540,9At Åse, stay on 82 (West) for 6,6 km
11:4547,5At Risøyhamn, turn LEFT (East) onto Local road(s) for 0,3 km
11:4747,8*Check timetable* Take Sortland-Risøyhamn (South-East)
13:5047,8Take Local road(s) (South-West) for 0,2 km
13:5148,0At Sortland, bear LEFT (South) onto E10 for 7,5 km
14:1455,5Continue (West) on Local road(s) for 5,3 km
14:3060,8Bear LEFT (South-West) onto E10 for 7,0 km
14:5167,8Rest break (10 mins)
15:0167,8Stay on E10 (South-West) for 13,1 km
15:4380,9Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 0,9 km
15:4681,8Bear LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 0,5 km
15:4782,3Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 0,9 km
15:5083,2Bear RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) for 2,0 km
15:5685,1Continue (West) on E10 for 3,6 km
16:0788,7Rest break (10 mins)
16:1788,7Stay on E10 (West) for 2,6 km
16:2591,3*Check timetable* Take Melbu-Fiskeböll (South)
16:5291,3Take E10 (South) for 0,2 km
16:5291,5 2   At Fiskebøll, stay on E10 (South) for 2,4 km
17:0094,0End of day
9:0094,0Stay on E10 for 27,7 km
10:23121,7Rest break (10 mins)
10:33121,7Stay on E10 (South-West) for 0,8 km
10:35122,5At Svolvær, continue (South) on Local road(s) for 0,8 km
10:38123,2*Check timetable* Take Stamsund-Svolvær (South)
12:39123,2Take Local road(s) (West) for 0,3 km
12:41123,5At Stamsund, turn RIGHT (North) onto 817 for 5,4 km
12:57128,9Continue (West) on 815 for 7,5 km
13:20136,4At Leknes, turn LEFT (South) onto E10 for 10,4 km
13:51146,8Rest break (10 mins)
14:01146,8Stay on E10 (South) for 21,7 km
15:06168,4Rest break (10 mins)
15:16168,4Stay on E10 (South) for 22,2 km
16:22190,6Rest break (10 mins)
16:32190,6Stay on E10 (South) for 5,9 km
16:50196,6 3   At Sorvågen, return North-East on E10 for 1,9 km
16:56198,5Turn RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) for 0,2 km
16:57198,7*Check timetable* Take Sørvågen-Sørland (South-East)
17:49198,7*Check timetable* Take Bodø-Sørland (South-East)
19:56198,7End of day
9:00198,7Take 80 (South) for 17,4 km
10:08216,1Rest break (10 mins)
10:18216,1Stay on 80 (South-East) for 1,6 km
10:24217,8Bear LEFT (East) onto Local road(s) for 1,1 km
10:27218,8Bear LEFT (East) onto 80 for 19,6 km
11:26238,5Rest break (10 mins)
11:36238,5Stay on 80 (South-East) for 19,7 km
12:38258,2Rest break (10 mins)
12:48258,2Stay on 80 (East) for 0,6 km
12:51258,8Continue (East) on E6 for 19,7 km
13:53278,4Rest break (10 mins)
14:03278,4Stay on E6 (South) for 22,8 km
15:11301,2Rest break (10 mins)
15:21301,2Stay on E6 (South) for 21,9 km
16:27323,1Rest break (10 mins)
16:37323,1Stay on E6 (South) for 11,2 km
17:10334,4 4   Arrive Lönsdal
End of day
9:00334,4Depart Lönsdal on E6 (North) for 8,7 km
9:26343,1Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto 77 for 22,2 km
10:32365,2Rest break (10 mins)
10:42365,2Continue (East) on Local road(s) for 40 m
10:42365,3Entering Sweden
10:42365,3Continue (East) on 95 for 27,2 km
12:04392,5Rest break (10 mins)
12:14392,5Stay on 95 (South-East) for 28,6 km
13:39421,0Rest break (10 mins)
13:49421,0Stay on 95 (East) for 22,1 km
14:56443,1Rest break (10 mins)
15:06443,1Stay on 95 (South-East) for 24,0 km
16:18467,0Rest break (10 mins)
16:28467,0Stay on 95 (East) for 10,6 km
17:00477,6End of day
9:00477,6Stay on 95 for 6,9 km
9:20484,5Turn RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) for 9,3 km
9:48493,8Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 12,4 km
10:25506,1Rest break (10 mins)
10:35506,1Stay on Local road(s) (East) for 20,8 km
11:38527,0Rest break (10 mins)
11:48527,0Stay on Local road(s) (East) for 25,9 km
13:06552,9Rest break (10 mins)
13:16552,9Turn LEFT (East) onto 45 for 2,8 km
13:25555,6Turn RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s) for 23,6 km
14:36579,2Rest break (10 mins)
14:46579,2Stay on Local road(s) (South) for 14,5 km
15:29593,8At Gargnäs, turn LEFT (South-East) onto Local road(s) for 6,4 km
15:49600,1Rest break (10 mins)
15:59600,1Bear LEFT (East) onto 363 for 20,2 km
17:00620,4End of day
9:00620,4Stay on 363 for 28,2 km
10:24648,6Rest break (10 mins)
10:34648,6Stay on 363 (South) for 23,4 km
11:44671,9Rest break (10 mins)
11:54671,9At Rusksele, stay on 363 (East) for 21,0 km
12:57692,9Rest break (10 mins)
13:07692,9Stay on 363 (East) for 21,7 km
14:12714,6Rest break (10 mins)
14:22714,6Stay on 363 (West) for 31,4 km
15:56745,9Rest break (10 mins)
16:06745,9Stay on 363 (South) for 17,8 km
17:00763,7End of day
9:00763,7Stay on 363 for 36,1 km
10:48799,8Rest break (10 mins)
10:58799,8Stay on 363 (South-East) for 14,0 km
11:47813,8Turn RIGHT (West) onto E4 for 0,9 km
11:51814,7 5   Arrive Umeå