hazor koheltaa koriksessa
hazor pinkoo

My work with computers requires something completely different for my freetime activities. Most of my energy goes to different kinds of sports. I have travelled in Finland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and Spain by bike. I have also hiked in Lappland, Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, New Zealand and in Austrian Alps. You can read about some of my adventures from my travel stories (in finnish only).

Mostly i spend my time with Tyhjä Joukko RY or RC Eemeli. Tyhjä Joukko is a group of students and other people who play floorball, volleyball, basketball and whatever. RC Eemeli is a running club.

Sports requires a lots of energy. Maybe that is why I enjoy cooking and eating good food. Some of my recipes can be found from IRC Immeisten Reseptikokoelma.

I play frequently Canasta with my friends.

hazor sählää

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