X-gallery is a small script which generates image galleries. Name comes from XHTML or XML as X-gallery is completely XHTML and XML based. I wrote this program for my own use some years ago.

X-gallery requires perl 5.8 with Perlmagick, LibXML and Image::Info libraries.

Using X-gallery is very simple. Just unpack all the files in to same directory. Start x-gallery from command line and give the names of your photos as parameters. X-gallery creates x-gallery.xml configuration file which you can change if you like. X-gallery also creates three subdirs for resized images. Just rerun x-gallery and it updates the gallery with your changes.

You can change the look of the generated pages by changing index.xml, image.xml and x-gallery.css files. XML-files need to be well-formed otherwise x-gallery will not work!

I am very sure that x-gallery contains a massive amount of bugs so be careful! I will not take responsibility for any damage x-gallery might do to your files. If you find bugs then please tell me about them so that I can fix them or you can fix them by yourself.

Try out the Example gallery. You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate back and forward. In Firefox alt+n takes you forward and alt+p takes you backwards.


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